LOVE PINK by Libby Page

Love Pink is an illustrated book that raises money for Breast Cancer Care and includes contributions from Dame Judi Dench, Joanna Lumley and Matthew Williamson. I wrote, photographed and produced Love Pink when I was 16.

Love Pink is available on Amazon.


Libby in the Times

After doing many unpaid internships myself, I became a campaigner for the rights of interns. I protested at London Fashion Week and spoke on tv, radio and in the national press.

Read some of my articles on unpaid internships:

‘There was a cleaning rota for the interns’

Pressure mounts on employers to pay young workers

Unpaid intern takes on British fashion house Alexander McQueen

Push for paid: a student guide to internships

Unpaid internships – no wonder my grandmother doesn’t understand them


You are not alone

 When I worked at the Guardian I produced a series on mental health that was nominated for a Mind Media Award.

Using GuardianWitness, a user-generated content platform, I gathered hundreds of stories from students and shared them in an article and series of supporting pieces.


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