Libby Page

I previously worked as a journalist at the Guardian and a campaigner for fairer internships. When I was 16 I wrote an illustrated book called Love Pink to raise money for Breast Cancer Care.

I live in London where I love finding new swimming pools and pockets of community within the city. My favourite thing is to swim with my sister – we document our swimming adventures at @theswimmingsisters.

A few facts:

  • I once took part in a debate about unpaid internships on the Alan Titchmarsh show
  • I own four pairs of sparkly shoes (and counting)
  • I quit my job to move to Paris for a while to start my first novel
  • I can speak some French (see above)
  • As a campaigner for fairer internships I spoke at parliament, on the radio and in  national newspapers
  • I can’t draw but I love doing it anyway
  • I finished that novel.